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I use high quality mosaic and stainless Damascus steel, as well as Swedish Damasteel (a very high grade of stainless steel with excellent edge-holding properties). My favorite Damascus is made by Chad Nichols, Robert Eggerling, and Devin Thomas, all master artists in steel. My favorite handle materials are mammoth ivory, pre-ban elephant ivory, mother of pearl, stag, Arizona hardwood, as well as some dense stabilized woods such as dyed box elder and maple. Thumb studs are 14k gold or titanium, and are set with precious and semiprecious gems. I embellish most folders with file work along the spines. Ellen Purvis, a custom jewelry maker, constructs sheathes from cow leather, stingray leather, snakeskin, as well as ostrich and other exotic hides, which she tools and embellishes with conchos.

I come up with my own designs for the knives I make, although I always welcome customers' designs as well. I heat treat the blades to between 55 and 60 Rockwell, ensuring they will hold a fine edge. I make folder frames from titanium for strength and durability. Each knife is produced individually from design through completion for durability and smooth functionality.

I started making knives shortly after retiring from General Motors, more than twenty years ago. I take pride in building the best knife possible at a reasonable price. I just hope buyers will enjoy the knives I create as much as I enjoy creating them. Making fine quality custom knives is much more of a passion than a business, and I'm pleased to share my experience and information with new knife makers, in the hope of helping the craft of knife making grow.

If you are looking for mosaic Damascus or Damasteel folders and fixed blade knives, you are in the right place! Whether it is your design or mine, I produce top quality custom knives at reasonable prices. If you don't see what you're looking for, I'm happy to make a knife to suit your particular needs.




  • It is truly inspiring to see a couple working together to produce such admirable knives, at such great prices.
  •  I absolutely LOVE your knives!! I used them at my job the other day and let me tell you they are SO worth the money! they are so smooth and sharp they can slice right through bone! LOVES YA!
  • You are a wealth of knowledge.The folder I bought from you is a remarkable piece of work.
  • Just wanted to say how much I like your knives and as a knife maker myself although not up to your standard seeing your knives has inspired me to try harder with my own knife making.
  • Bob-- You are an extraordinary craftsman. It's an honor to carry one of your knives.
  • Some of the most beautiful knives it has been my privilege to see.
  • I, like the many i work with am former Military/ law enforcement and collectively we've seen or owned just about every kind of blade thats available. To a man, everyone that saw it agreed that the blades Bob makes are heirloom quality, definitely something you pass down.

























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